Hybrid canola with OP price tag

Hybrid canola with OP price tag

Growers looking to plant canola have the opportunity to buy selected hybrids for the same price as selected Open Pollinated varieties.

Advanta Seeds, the only company in Australia to market canola in every herbicide tolerance group together with wheat, is continuing its ‘Hybrids at OP Prices’ offer for the 2016 season.

Canola business manager Justin Kudnig said the offer was designed to both reward customers and add value to the higher gross returns hybrids can produce compared with OP canola.

“The offer is available to canola growers who purchase Hyola 450TT or Hyola 474CL for the 2016 cropping season and is part of the Innovative Crop Solutions rationale we are able to bring to the winter cropping areas of Australia. This offer also adds more value for the grower by making hybrid canola seed more affordable,” he said.

“These hybrids have shown similar to higher yields and gross returns than some OP varieties, while also taking into account the higher hybrid seed price.”

In addition to the yield and oil advantages hybrids can bring, Mr Kudnig said the herbicide tolerant hybrids offer more options in the cropping rotations, improving overall system profitability.

“In addition to the herbicide technology employed in many canola hybrids, the higher biomass allows for enhanced weed competitiveness up to 50 per cent higher compared to OP varieties, meaning a cleaner paddock and lower weed burden for the following rotation.”

Mr Kudnig said recent research suggested that hybrid canola showed adaptability across low through to high rainfall districts across southern Australia, and that growers could increase their gross returns per hectare by selecting key hybrid varieties.

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Image: Avanta Seeds Canola manager Justin Kuding says hybrid canola has the ability to better the returns offered by open pollinated varieties.