3 steps to choosing the right generator

3 steps to choosing the right generator

Honda Generators are renowned throughout Australia and around the world for being the No. 1 choice of backup power solutions. So no matter what you need to power, you can be confident Honda has the right generator for you. To determine what you need, follow the 3 step process to ensure you get the right generator.

1. What do you want to power?

Whether you have a small caravan or an industrial site, knowing your appliance rating is going to help you determine what generator you need. Write a list of all the appliances that you want to have running at one time. Then find out the ratings of each appliance. You need to take into account start up power.

2. Factor in start up power

Start-up power is simply the power an appliance needs to begin operating. Appliances that run an electric motor (air conditioners, drills and sanders) can require 3-4 times the operating load but that is usually only needed for a very short period. Check the compliance plate on the unit for specifications.

3. Pick the generator that suits your needs

If you look at your list, there’s a high chance that you’re not going to need everything running at once. A kettle draws a lot of power but only runs for a minute or so. It won’t hurt to turn off some appliances while the kettle boils. Just make sure you have the essentials covered. Let’s say your total running power requirement is 1500W, with a start-up power requirement of 1900W, then a Honda EU20i generator with a maximum output of 2000W/240-volt AC will be the right fit for you. This generator is ideal for campers. It is lightweight, whisper quiet and powers anywhere, anytime.

If you are unsure, consult your Authorised Honda Dealer or visit powerequipment.honda.com.au for our full range of generators.