2018 McLennan-McColl Victorian Flock of the Year

2018 McLennan-McColl Victorian Flock of the Year

The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria’s (RASV) McLennan-McColl Flock of the Year competition, supported by Merino Victoria, will open to commercial merino producers in the Bendigo, Ballarat and Serpentine regions for the 2018 event.

The competition, named in honour of two of the Merino industry’s most well respected participants, wool producer Neil McLennan and wool classer Keith McColl, sees participants compete for the prestigious award which celebrates and assists with improving the quality of Victoria’s merino ewe flocks and culminates in the presentation of a $1500 cash prize and plaque to the Champion.

With a number of entries expected, particularly in the Serpentine and Bendigo areas, on-farm judging will be held over two days in March 2018, with the selected judges to be Mr John Crawford of Rock-Bank Merino Stud and Mr Daniel Rogers of Mount Yulong Poll Merino Stud.

The Flock of the Year also offers entrants the opportunity to view other production systems and learn best practice management with competing properties open for official judging, as well as viewing by fellow producers, with RASV offering a free shuttle bus to properties.

Registrations for the 2018 competition are now open with those interested in participating encouraged to visit www.rasv.com.au/flockoftheyear or contact Grant Coverdale, RASV on 03 9281 7444.

Source: RASV 

Image courtesy of RASV